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Our Paris Brest Paris 2019 Blog

We are Anne and Tony, two friends, originally from the UK but now living in Rojales, Spain. We have a passion for long distance cycling although many think we are just crazy. Our goal for 2019 is to qualify and ride the epic Paris Brest Paris Brevet which is an iconic 1200km ride with a 90 hour time limit which takes place every 4 years. This blog is our complete record of the event starting from the pre registration ride in Valencia in June 2018, hopefully right through to the main event.

A bit about Anne

I am 61 years old and have had a bicycle for as long as can remember. As a tot I used to sit on a seat on the front of my Dad’s bike and my brother used to be on a seat on the back of my Mum’s bike. And off they would go through the Cheshire countryside, perhaps to my Uncle’s farm in Lower Peover, or over to Mobberley to visit other family members.

I used to cycle to school and later on, I cycled to work. I sometimes used to go to see customers on my bike. I was known in the village of Alderley Edge as the ‘Cycling Banker’!

I got married cycling from Lands’ End to John O’Groats and we stopped off at Gretna Green en route to get married.

I used to be a member of South Manchester CTC and the Tandem Club of Great Britain. I am also still a (sleeping) member of the Fell Club, which is a light weight camping club, where members have to arrive to a meet without using motorized transport.

I have always enjoyed the great outdoors. My other passions include walking, tennis, football, dancing, travel, socialising and meals out.

I moved to Spain 13 years ago, a country I’ve always loved, where I continue cycling but in better weather!

A bit about Tony

Tony only starting cycling 6 year ago in an attempt to lose weight. At that time he weighed in at over 18 stone and smoked up to 80 cigarettes a day.

Within his first year cycling, Tony, who has still a heavy smoker, completed the Deliotte Ride Across Britain (RAB) which at that time was from John ‘O Groats to Lands’ End. This is how he learned about headwinds! Since then, the Deliotte RAB has been change to Lands’ End to John ‘O Groats so riders can enjoy a tailwind.

Tony quit smoking soon after RAB and now has been cigarette free for nearly 5 years.

Tony moved to Spain 8 years ago.


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3 Responses to Our Paris Brest Paris 2019 Blog

  1. Bill Pinnell says:

    Here’s my advice… When you get really really tired – Learn how to lie down on the side of the road/kerb/hedgerow, set your smartphone to 8 minutes alarm and collapse into a micro deep sleep, then come back out refreshed and not too terrified why you are lying down on a side of a road in a foreign country with no idea what time it is or why you are there….

  2. Chantal Mansfield says:

    Hello both of you, Good luck on the pbp
    I’m an English girl living in France and I will be doing translations at the tinteniac check point with my 5year old, we have a lot of fun seeing you all riding past, if you’re in need just ask for me, ‘chantal and sasha’
    Good luck to you

  3. Rupert Martin-Clark says:

    Dear Anne and Tony…Sadly I never saw you on PBP but hope all went well.I only got to have around three hours of sleep in total and battled through hallucinations for the last one hundred kms but finished in 89 hours and then collapsed.

    Hopefully maybe see you in Madrid for a Pueblo Nuevo brevet in the new year

    All the best Rupert

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