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Published on December 18th, 2018 | by Admin


Accidents Happen


Whilst Tony was spending some time in the UK, I took myself off on quite a few solo rides and joined in various club rides, one of which was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

It was a beautiful December day here on the Costa Blanca and off we set for a 110 km spin at a good pace. Lovely scenery and a good lunch stop, we were enjoying a perfect day.

On the home stretch, with about 20 km to go, I clipped the back wheel of the rider in front of me. We were travelling at about 40 kmph. As soon as I clipped it, I knew I´d be off, as there was no way I could correct. My mistake and I paid for it. I was so pleased though that I hadn´t brought anybody else down with me. I slid along the tarmac for quite a few metres, on my front, face down and bike missing by this time.
As I came to a halt in the middle of the road I was aware of a lot of blood around my face. I lost consciousness briefly but knew what had happened. Cars stopped to help. A passing spanish motorist called for an ambulance as he covered me with an emergency blanket, then I lost consciousness again. I remember one of my cycling buddies talking to me and telling me to stay awake. I couldn´t feel any pain at this time as my body was in shock and numb. I do remember asking if my bike was okay and if they could give me a few minutes I could carry on! Luckily my bike wasn´t badly damaged, just a few scratches.

The ambulance arrived and I was taken to hospital. On the drive to the hospital my jaw was strapped up, with the bandage going around the top of my head. I was beginning to feel pain; my chin, knee, arm, hand, fingers and my body was shaking. It was difficult to answer the questions from the medical staff because of the nature of my facial injuries. “Oh no, what have I broken” were my thoughts. My PBP attempt would be over.

After superb treatment at the hospital, all xrays came back clear. I needed five stitches in my chin, leg and arm heavily bandaged and then I was on my way home but not on the bike! I got away lightly somehow and I am so pleased nobody else was hurt.

My thoughts a couple of days later were to get back on my bike as soon as I could. So a couple of short solo rides were planned and then a group ride just to prove I hadn´t lost my confidence in riding in a group.

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