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Published on December 22nd, 2018 | by Admin


Tony’s December 2018 Update

I’ve been back in England cycling for a couple of months which I’m finding very tough indeed. I think as most of my cycling has been on Spanish roads I’ve been very spoiled. The volume of traffic on the roads in England is absolutely crazy, not to mention the state of the roads. Also what I’ve found very difficult is what appears to be a war between some drivers and cyclists. Hardly a ride passes without some form of confrontation.

I’ve joined a local club in Derby, Cycle Mickleover, pushing myself to get out with the hardened cyclists. It’s tough though in the cold and it did take me a good few weeks to acclimatise. It’s heart-breaking to see my friends in Spain soaking up the glorious winter Spanish sun whilst we all over here are freezing our balls off.

Anyway next month I’ll be back in sunny Spain hoping to get through the Paris Brest Paris qualifying brevets. I do though owe my new found Derby cycling friends a big thank you for keeping me cycling through the winter.

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