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Alicante 200 BRM – 16th March

Anne rides with a few different groups, one of which is a female cycling group known as Biking As. Anne was invited to ride with the Biking As ladies in a Alicante BRM Brevet. Although Anne had not one but two 200k BRM Brevets already completed I was desperate to complete a 200k BRM to get my PBP 2019 qualifiers back on track.

We met up with the Biking As ladies at the start point which was a café on the outskirts of Alicante plus met others from previous brevets. For me this ride compared to a normal UK audax with a great fun atmosphere and a big group of us rode together until the first control. At the control Anne and I, as per normal, wasted no time and were soon on our way. Unfortunately due to one of the ladies having mechanical problems we did not see the Biking As ladies again until the end of the ride.

There was gentle climbing in the first 80k or so but after the route was relatively flat. We were even afforded the luxury of cruising in groups for part of the ride and eased home with hours to spare where we waited to cheer home  the Biking As ladies. At last I was now on a par with Anne with my 200k and 300k qualifiers done. Next would be the toughest in my opinion a 400k BRM in Murcia.

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