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Quesada Cycling Club Ride – 25th March

As part of our training we have been told to “mix it up” and not to simply churn out long rides. So we intend to also ride club rides each month and faster shorter rides too. Anne also had been suffering with slight Achilles Tendonitis which is a major concern with so much hard training in the coming months. Anne fitted heel raisers in both shoes and rubbed ibuprofen gel into both heels before the ride. She also tried compression socks for this ride. I’d knew that the pace was going to be hot for me as I’d not ridden with this group for over 6 months but knew the ride would do me good.

We were told that it was going to be a steady ride but we knew that the pace would be close to 30km per hour and it soon was! It’s good though to ride in a group as Anne and I both enjoy the banter.

We took it in turns at the front in a chain gang which took a good few kilometres to become organised but when it was it worked very well. At the hills the Norwegians pulled us up them and it no time we were at the midway café break.

Now one of the things we are no longer used to is long breaks especially after just 40 or 50 kilometres.  Although it was great for us to sit outside the restaurant basking in the spring sunshine for over 45 minutes, both Anne and I found it difficult to get going again.  We are so used to short 5 or 10 minute breaks now that I’m sure our bodies think any longer breaks means we have finished.

A second stop was schedule at Lizarran for beers and Tapas where Anne’s run of punctures continued as she managed to get a massive nail in her tyre. She cursed in regards to punctures at the minute!

Another 45 minute stop and once again we both struggled to get going again but with all our endurance training we both finished very strong. 106km with around 500 metres climbing with an average of around 29km per hour, a very enjoyable ride with a great bunch of people!

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