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Night Training Ride – 26th March

After Anne’s first through the night ride, we decided that we would tackle another to see if Anne dealt with it any better. We set off at 10pm to ride local hills with the intention of once again riding through the night.  Just like clockwork by 12.30am, Anne’s body clock kicked in and once gain she was feeling extremely tired. She had already taken caffeine tablets but they seemed to have little effect on her except making her stomach feel queasy.

We carried on though through the night cycling our hilly route with hill after hill until dawn started to break and we found an open café. We sat in the comfort of the café with a nice hot café knowing that most of our ride was done. And although Anne again had struggled with her body clock there was no doubt that this time she had coped far better than before.  As daylight dawned, a lot of Anne’s tiredness seemed to disappear as her body clock this time kicked in to wake her up.

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