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Quesada Cycling Club Ride – 29th March

Club Ride Venta El Garruchal & Sucina

Anne’s Ride Report

As we are planning anther 400k training ride at the end of next week, for this week we decided to ride again with a local club. This ride included a ride up the Valley of the Trolls with a great prize of the best lemon cake in Spain at the restaurant at the top of the hill. Better still a second stop was planned for yet more refuelling with a good all fashion British breakfast in Sucina. How could we turn down such a ride!


Our legs were still heavy from the “through the night” ride just a few days earlier so we hugged in at the back of the group as a strong group of Norwegians pulled us round in a 6 man chain gang. As we reached the climb the group broke as the Norwegians powered up the hill. Tony and I eased up it saving our legs for our next long ride.

At the restaurant we all regrouped to sample the wonderful moist lemon cake that cost a mere Euro per plate. We drank our coffee, put back on the layer of clothing we had removed to climb the hill and set off down the hill towards our next stop. Tony and I are not used to stops of more than a few minutes. As we set off we briefly discussed that the longer break had effected us as it took us a while to get back into our  groove.

We soon arrived at our next stop which was only around 17km away. We were soon digging into a “all day breakfast” and a piping hot mug of tea.  This stop must have been close to an hour and both Tony and I suffered for the first 15 minutes or so after getting back into the saddle. Its amazing how our  bodies have adapter to much shorter breaks. The ride back home was pretty tough even though we sheltered at the back of the group as the headwind was so strong.



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