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Staying Focussed


Over the Easter period we had such bad weather here on the Costa Blanca. We must have had four days of continual rain and a few days either side with rain at some part of the day. People in the U.K might say that a drop of rain never hurt anyone, you can still go out in the rain. However, we don´t have any road drains here and because of the lack of rain, the roads become treacherous when it does rain, with surface water and the residue of petrol and diesel on the roads.

After a few days of not being able to get out on the bike you start to lose your mojo. I came out with every excuse under the sun (no pun intended).

Personal problems also mess with your head. It is so easy to get wrapped up in them, especially when they involve family.

If you want to attempt something like PBP, you have to stay focussed. You have to become selfish during the training period. And at times you have to give yourself a good talking too.

At my age, I know that this year will probably be my only chance. Up to date, I only have to do a 600 kms Brevet to qualify. It is a relatively short period in my life to knuckle down and get on with the training.

We all have bad days when it would be so easy to give up. With all the various aches and pains encountered along the way I sometimes wonder what the heck I´m doing. Getting up at silly o´clock when most people of my age would still be asleep and then they probably wake up, have a cup of tea and maybe watch breakfast t.v or read the paper!

I keep telling myself about the sense of achievement I’ll feel when I pass that finish line. Not only on PBP but on every training ride there is a sense of achievement, as the body starts to get stronger. And something is learnt on each ride.


And so, any personal problems now have to be boxed up and dealt with after a training ride or event. I cannot afford to let them get in the way of my training. And as for bad weather, well there is always the spinning classes at my favourite bike shop “Bicicosta”, just to keep the legs turning.

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