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300k Training Ride 27th April 2019

Anne’s Ride Report

Saturday 27th April 304.5 kms 2945 mts climbing

And so we set off at 6am, with lights on and prepared to do a 300 kms local ride, trying to simulate the PBP route, with continual hills but nothing too major.

Tony wasn´t feeling great from the start, complaining of a bad back. He also appeared to have a lot on his mind. All in all he wasn´t in the right frame of mind and struggled from the off. He took some paracetamol to alleviate his back pain.

We rode local loops and at 100 kms with 1000 mts climbed, we stopped at Torremendo for a drink and a snack. I ordered a couple of croquettes each and a piece of spanish omelette to share. The omelette was homemade and we have eaten it in this bar before. Unfortunately this time it contained far too much salt, so much so that we couldn´t eat it.

We carried on with more hills. The weather was beautiful with not too much wind. I had to wait for Tony on numerous occasions as he was really struggling. Because of the poor food in Torremendo we decided to stop again at Bar D’Amor in Hurchillo. Again, we’ve stopped here before and had great food. Our luck was not in as yet again the food I ordered was awful. They told me it was “higado”, which is liver but it wasn’t only liver, I think it was intestines!! The taste was very strong and certainly not good for Tony who was simply not feeling well. All credit to him though as he dug in and soldiered on. There was a few times when I expected him to say that he was going to head for home.

More hills followed and at the 215 kms mark we stopped in San Miguel to find “proper” food. Tony really didn´t want any more tapas. To our dismay, everywhere appeared to be closed in San Miguel and we couldn´t understand why until we passed the church and saw a big local wedding. We eventually found a bar open and had a toastie, coffee and a weak shandy.

After about another 15 kms Tony found his legs. He took the front for the first time all day, for which I was very grateful, as I was beginning to feel tired.

At 250 kms we stopped at a little roadside bar and sat on the bar stools on the pavement. It was a gem of a place and Tony told me that he had stopped there before during the summer months when the place was still open at 2am.

With only a few kms to go we plodded on, both feeling tired and we have learnt not to take any chances when you´re tired. So every time we wanted a take a sip from our drink bottles, we stopped. It is much more difficult to locate your bottle when it´s dark and even more so when you are tired.

We made it home, having done the 300 kms we set out to do. I didn´t feel too bad, except for the tiredness which kicked in at the 250 kms point.
When I got home I took my glutamine powder, which is supposed to help the muscles recover, I had a mug of hot milk, showered and went to bed. I was asleep almost immediately.

Tony’s Ride Report

I think on the whole we have been going well the last couple of months.  We were both delighted to get the 400k qualifier completed and to be honest although the conditions were difficult with a nightmare headwind, we finished comfortably within the time limit. I felt better than I have for a long time during the 400!

This ride though I found hard from the off. Not only did I have problems with my back, which I constantly had to stretch, but I simply felt like I had nothing in my legs. So my ride report is more of a self-analysis than an actual report.

Firstly I had been cutting carbs as I want to drop a few kilos before PBP. I think I may have cut too many which may have partly affected my performance.  I think its fine to cut carbs but I do need to “fuel up” during the days leading up to a long ride. Lesson learned!

Secondly I am struggling with my lower back at the minute. I’ve had this before a couple of years ago which just about killed my cycling. Before I healed myself by tilting my front seat forward about 10 degrees and also daily stretching my back with Pilates. Looking at my seat I think its looks plum flat and has been so since I returned from England and rebuilt it. I’ll get the spirit level on it and adjust it before my next ride. I’ll find my Pilates DVD and start daily workouts!

Thirdly I have had a few personal problems which have been a major distraction. For long distance cycling you have to be focused otherwise you are finished before you have even begun.

Fourthly on this ride my fuelling was poor! For the first time ever we struggled to get any decent food. We normally are spoilt for choice as to what we can get to eat but on this ride we got stuck with salty tortilla, which I simply could not eat and some liver that was more like intestines which I ate as I was so bloody hungry. It was not until an hour or so after eating a toasted sandwich at around the 200km mark that I found any form, managing to pull Anne round for most of the remainder of the ride.  Worst still after getting home I was sick as a dog which was probably the horrible liver stuff I ate! Using hindsight we should have left the liver and gone across the road to order pasta. Another lesson learned!

So although this was a poor ride for me I’ve learned from it, so Ill treat it as a positive. Hoping now to kick on towards getting the Valencia 600k done next month and booking our places on the PBP start line!

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  1. We wish you two the very best on your journey, Good luck!

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