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Infinity Saddle


Saddle sores are a nightmare for cyclists but what I developed last year, after spending so many hours on the bike was worse.The medical name is Ischial Bursitis. Its when the sit bones become inflamed, resulting in boney egg size lumps upon them.

On my long distance rides it sometimes became too uncomfortable to sit on my saddle. An excrutiating, searing pain, which I tried so hard to ignore but it was impossible. I had to find a cure. At first I just reduced my hours on the bike. I knew, however, that if I wanted to try and qualify for PBP, this was not an option.

I came across an article in the Arrivé Magazine, written by Kajsa Tylen, who holds the Guinness World Record, for the female with most miles cycled in a year. She used the Infinity Saddle. I decided that if it was good enough for a world record holder, then I should give it a go.

And so I ordered it online from Infinity themselves, who are based in America. It was designed by a chiropracter, which to me made sense. It cost 250€ and I had to pay import duty when it arrived. At that price I hoped I was going to like it but as Tony said, I could always sell it on Ebay and I shouldn´t lose too much money.

All I can say is that from the very start I loved it. It was like sitting in an armchair. The relief to my rear was unbelievable and it was worth every last centimo!


I received lots of comments from other cyclists, as the design is quite unusual. There appears to be more hole than saddle but the design works. There is not a male and female version, one size fits just about everyone, unless you are a giant. Bike saddles are a very personal thing but I for one would highly recommend the Infinity Saddle, especially for long distance cycling.

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