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April Summary

April was always going to be hard as it’s the month we knew we would have to step up our training for the dreaded 400! Many may well think that from the four qualifiers (200, 300, 400 & 600), that the 600 is the hardest, but that’s certainly not true. You see with the 600 you have enough time to sleep and perhaps more important mentally regroup. This certainly was the case when we rode the Massamagrell 600 last June. After finishing  the first 300k in what can only be described as a storm from hell, Anne was thinking of getting the train home. We were both soaked and very tired. After a few hours’ sleep though, with just a few hours of physical and mental rest Anne was raring to go!

Many struggle with riding through the night which is exactly what you are required to do when you tackle a 400. Most people’s body clock kicks in after midnight demanding sleep. I’ve seen this in people time and time again no matter their age. I’m sure Anne thinks she’s the only person in the world that suffers with her body clock although she is so wrong. I’m lucky as I’m a professional insomniac. At least one night each week I don’t sleep. I’ve been like that since as long as I can remember. When I built my internet business aged in my early forties I’d go 2 or 3 nights without sleep. During our long rides I suffer more so in the mornings although I have found this is easily cured with a strong coffee. But with three rides through the night Anne has improved each time fighting her body clock perhaps more so than most would. And to cap it all we completed the 400 qualifier with hours in hand which says it all!

For me I rode just 6 times in April for a total of 1354km with over 11,000 metres climbing. Anne rode 1500km with over 12000 metres climbing. We both rode less that the each of the previous 2 months but needed more time to recover after our longer rides plus we both felt much fresher for the 400 qualifier. Unlike in the UK though we’ve had bad weather here, especially over Easter so that has hindered us.

I’ve missed the group rides this month as we’ve only manage one.  I do miss the banter and in all honesty taking my time at the rear being pulled along. We both will be looking at joining some group rides in May. Also in May we have our 600k qualifier in Massamagrell. We completed it last year in what can only be described as atrocious conditions with far fewer “big” rides under our belts. We both feel better prepared so quite confident. Getting the 600 done should prove to me very emotional for both of us because it will guarantee  our place on the Paris Brest Paris start line!


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