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Our Fuelling

In regards to fuelling we now keep things simple. We’ve moved away from gels and sports bars in favour of proper food.  On our long rides Anne and I always carry sandwiches made up with multi cereal thins. We both prefer the Mercadona brand of thins. For the filling we either opt for tuna or ham and cheese.

We also of course have at least a banana or two each although here in Spain, especially now as the temperatures are increasing, we tend to consume these first as the Spanish sun can quickly turn them to mush.

We also both carry, again from Mercadona, chocolate fibre bars. These are more like a biscuit so are fine even in the heat and very tasty.


For our main fuelling we now both prefer to stop for “real” food. We’ll often opt for a pasta dish although we will opt for varies types of tapas. From now on I intend to post more about what food we are buying on our rides.

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