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Balancing Act

Yes, our training is very important but just as important is taking time to rest. Our bodies need time to recover from the hundreds of kilometers we are spending on the bike. Our muscles need time to rest and recover and the heart is one of those muscles.

So what should we do?
Yoga, especially Yin Yoga is great for cyclists. With this type of yoga you spend a good few minutes holding a  pose. This helps to untangle the connective tissue, the facia and lengthen  the muscles which can become tight during long distance cycling. We are lucky enough to have plenty of yoga classes near us. Sometimes I use YouTube to look up some poses, especially if I want to target a specific area.

Sleep is extremely important.
This is something which I need more than most people. Some people can get away with little sleep but not me, which is why the 400 kms Brevets are the most difficult for me because sleep deprivation is unavoidable. If I do have difficulty sleeping I just get into a relaxing yoga pose and I’m away in no time!

Walking is a great exercise for cyclists as it uses different muscle groups without putting them under too much pressure. I find a walk in the mountains or countryside to be very therapeutic and we are normally lucky enough here in Spain to be walking in the sunshine.

Sharing experiences
Another of my favourite pastimes is spending time with people who have stories to tell about their lives. This week I was lucky enough to go and visit Don Robinson, a young 92 year old, who has cycled all his life. He used to cycle with the great Beryl Burton amongst others and has cycled in many countries. His has lead a very varied life and has a great sense of humor. Unfortunately, after a fall at his home in Spain, he has spent a couple of months in a residential care home and because of this he plans to return to the U.K. later this month. I will miss him dearly.


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