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Back to Back Training Rides – 6th & 7th May

Now we have the 400k qualifier done and dusted we planned to up our training to include consecutive long rides building up to consecutive 300K rides. Our plan was to ride around 300k on the 6th May, followed by around 200k on the 7th then rest with just one or two easier rides before the 600k qualifier on the 18th May, a mini taper so to speak.  We’d already done a fair few 300’s plus the 400k brevet plus a fair amount of climbing. We actually have created a local loop which mimics the constant hills of the PBP route although our route is tougher.  In all honesty we have done our local loop so many times we were getting bored of it so I mapped out a new 300k loop which would take us over the mountain at Aguilas looping back towards home before we reach Lorca. Well that was the plan! We agreed to meet outside a local bakers at 5am on the Monday morning. For once I beat Anne there so I did a few laps between the roundabouts before I spotted Anne’s bright LED light flickering towards me.

Off we set in good spirits taking on the local La Finca climb to warm up our legs before heading towards the infamous “Puke Hill” before turning right after Campoverde. We were both enjoying the ride as it was actually good to be riding a different route. I changed gears as we reached a slight incline and felt that something was wrong.  I shouted to Anne and we both stopped. For some reason I had lost all the tension in the gear lever and was stuck in the small “11” cog on the cassette.  I unclipped the gear cable to see if I could pull it tight but is seemed tight. It actually looked like my SRAM Red gear lever had somehow broke. I’m pretty handy at sorting mechanical issues but with a broken gear lever I was stuck which was not ideal for climbing over a mountain. Weirdly, I had one of my moments and said to Anne that I had bad vibes about this ride and how true my words proved to be! I did think about shortening the chain and removing the rear derailleur to switch to an easier gear, but the simply option, as we were only 50k from home was to ride home and swap bikes.

So I tied the loose gear cable to the frame, manage to adjust the gears slightly to the next smallest cog and rode home. On the way we took a short cut which took us down a sandy road which nearly caught us both out. First Anne lost grip on her rear wheel then as I was close behind so did I but we both managed to stay on the bike. Then we reached a flooded road which we had to walk our bikes gingerly across. I don’t think we’ll go that way again!

So once at home I swapped lights and tube bag etc.  onto my R5 Cervelo whilst Anne took time out at home to treat her sore shoulder which had been troubling her all morning. Then we headed to a local restaurant for a small breakfast to fuel us before we were on our way again. As we had lost time we were unable to ride our new route so we decided to ride our “bumpy” loop again. At the top of one of the small climbs, before the right turn to Rebate I think I’m right in saying, during a comfort stop, Anne noticed her tyre was split. We looked closely at it and although it did need replacing it was not split right through, so we continued.

The rest of the ride was relatively uneventful. After completing our 100k loop, which by the way has around 1200m of climbing, we headed to Los Montesinos for more fuel. We had some tasty tapas where once again I forgot to take photos for the blog. Then we decided we’d finish with a flattish loop as I guess we were both a little deflated as we had not managed to ride the intended new loop. We reached a local bar where Anne quickly downed a chocolate milk drink and was on her way home, whilst I chatted with friends as I waited for one of the worst burgers I’ve ever had. Oh well, at least it saved me from cooking as we planned to be out at 6am in the morning for a 200k ride.

The next morning once again I was at our meeting place before Anne at around 5.55am. I was on my R5 as I had no time to look at my Lightspeed. It was not long before I saw Anne’s bright LED headlight dancing towards me. Today we planned to ride the famous “Petters Loop” which is named after one of our friends, a Norwegian guy who used to live in Rojales.  Now remember how I had said to Anne I had bad vibes the previous day? Well no more than 40k in and I came off my bike, so sadly we had to abort the ride. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Murcia whilst Anne waited for her husband to pick her and our bikes up.  Anne and her husband were superb! I actually thought I would just be cleaned up and be on my way but sadly my injury was more serious than I expected as I was admitted to hospital for an operation. Anne rode home for a total ride of around 100k but leaving us both well short of what we intended.  Click here to read about my crash.

So now I just hope I can heal in time to ride the 600k on the 18th May.

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