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The Night Before The 600

Well it’s the eve of the Massamagrell 600k Brevet on a very windswept night in Valencia. We are both here in El Puig which is just a few kilometres from the start.  I’m still recovering from my “off” last week, having had my stiches removed only yesterday. Anne’s been struggling with a bad chest which she seems to have passed on to me.

We actual both rode this 600k last year when on the first day we had to endure a hellish storm, but we got through it finishing with plenty of time in hand

Tomorrow there will be at least 70 starters of which many like us will be hoping to wrap up their PBP qualifiers, confirming their starting place in Paris. The first 300k could be tough as we are expecting a headwind and possibly rain. Our goal will be to simply get to the midway point wasting as little time as possible saving as much energy as we can for day 2.

Expect a ride report either Sunday night or Monday afternoon.

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