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Comeback Trail

After stupidly  hoping for a miracle in riding the 600k brevet just days after surgery and failing miserably, today I took my first steps  to regain fitness to ride the Salamanca 600k Brevet, which takes place in 3 weeks time.

I rode with my local group, Quesada Cycling, with a planned route up to Aspe, with a new way through to Santa Pola although rain at Aspe meant we headed straight home.

We were off to a brisk start  averaging over 30kph with my heart rate racing well over 170 which is not normal for me. I felt out of sorts even though I was sheltered at the back of the group. My heart rate was all over the place, so when we got to the first climb I had to back right off to get my heart rate under control which I eventually did. Doing so though  made me painfully slow to such an extent the rest of the group had to wait for me.

At Aspe the heavens opened so we took an extended break in a cafe hoping the rain would stop. The rain did indeed ease but the wind was picking up and more threatening clouds were looming on the horizon so heading for home seemed the best option.

I know many of my friends in England must thing we are “soft”  here in Spain for worrying about rain and wet roads. Over here though it’s very different to England as most roads have no drainage and can turn into rivers during a downpour. Our roads are also not “grippy” compared to UK roads. Rain over here to be honest is rare so when we do get it we keep off the roads as normally the sun is back the following day.

So for me it’s good to be back on the comeback trail but in all honesty I feel miles away from how I felt when I rode the 400k qualifier last month. I still though have 3 weeks to regain my fitness do all is not lost!

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  1. Julie Ann says:

    You certainly will regain your fitness Tony. Just make sure you get lots of rest and stop trying to “run before you can walk”. Your body has been through major trauma and needs a little time. You already know that you can do 600km as you have done it before. Mentally you can do it, so just give your body time to catch up. You’ll do it, I know you will!

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