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Anne’s May Review

The end of April and the beginning of May saw us putting in longer hillier rides preparing for the 600 km. And then the unthinkable happened when Tony had a nasty accident. I have to say that the traffic police, the Guardia and all hospital staff were superb and couldn’t have been more helpful and caring.


And so Tony’s training was put on hold slightly but I knew I had to carry on. As the 600 kms Brevet approached I reduced my training which meant Tony could try and join me. I have already written about the 600km Brevet in a previous blog and so I’m not going to repeat myself here.


The week after the Brevet was a resting week, which was good because I was struggling with a chesty cough and in fact I still am. Just can’t shake it off and am now thinking it could be more to do with a hay-fever type allergy.

The winds have been strong and this week I had planned to do a 100 kms and 1000 metres climbing solo ride but I had problems with my disc brakes. A pit stop to my favourite bike shop was called for and after that I curtailed the ride to a 60 kms with 10% climbing (600m). The following two days were rides over 100 kms, in strong winds, intervals and or climbing. All in all a pretty good training week, in windy conditions but with Tony getting stronger by the day.


We propose to do longer rides on Monday and Thursday, which will need to be very early starts due to having family out. I’ll then be heading to Canada for a few days to visit family. This will give me a break before attempting the Salamanca 600kms which I am doing to support Tony, as he needs it to be a success if he is to make it to Paris.

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