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End of May Training Rides

This week we set as a recovery week. I’m still recovering from my accident whilst Anne is recovery from her superb 600k Brevet and a bit of a bad chest. So this week we set ourselves 2 easy rides although due to the wind the rides ended up a little challenging.


Our first ride was to a shopping centre in Murcia. I’m (Tony) a bit of a techy and heavily into crypto and blockchain, but don’t worry I’m not going to bore you about those on this blog. My local Bitcoin ATM was out of order so we headed to the next nearest which was in Murcia. The wind blew us all the way there, which was great especially as we used Google Maps to seek out some of the back roads. We did though realise we were going to have to suffer on the return leg.


At the shopping centre I persuaded Anne that we should venture into the shopping centre with our bikes. I don’t think Anne had been up an escalator with her bike before but it was good fun. The security guards although bemused just let us get on with it as we searched out refreshments.

The ride home was tough in a very strong wind. At some points we were struggling to ride at 20kmph on the flat. But the gods did smile upon us as 20km from home we were passed by a local club ride so latched on to the back of them riding at 36kmph into a head wind.


The next day we rode our 100k (ish) loop which has around 1100m climbing. It’s very similar to the PBP route with constant hills. Although we started at 8.15 the wind was noticeable strong from the off. We just took it nice and steady and stopped around the 80k mark so Anne could charge her Garmin. We found an English Cafe with teapots and cosies and very tasty bacon and egg sandwiches!


We had talked of riding further but by the end of the loop the wind was extremely strong which made the last 20k or so demanding. So we called it a day.

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