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Salamanca 600k 15th June – Anne’s Ride Report

After my short holiday to Canada and the 590 km drive to Salamanca, I can’t say that I felt best prepared for this Brevet. Anyway, we had been told that it was an easier 600km ride, ha-ha, how can any 600 be easy! So off we set with about 40 cyclists in our group. We soon split into smaller groups and we ended up with Paco and Gene, the organisers. I won’t speak too much about the ride, as I know that Tony will be writing about it.

What did I take away from this final Brevet before Paris?

The scenery was spectacular. At times you could have been forgiven for thinking you were in England, with hedgerows, green grass, beautiful wild flowers and oak trees. There were storks nesting on chimney stacks and on church spires. Some of the architecture we saw dated back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

The organisers and other riders made us feel so welcome. Many of them are going to Paris and so I asked as many questions as I could! Their main advice was to enjoy it. Paco and Gene have do e PBP nine times between them and they told me that I didn’t need to cycle as fast as I was.

Before leaving home we had a problem with my back tyre when the valve broke. It took two men and lots of time and strength to get my new continental tyre off and more time to get it back on when the new inner tube was put in. Well, the unthinkable happened on the ride when I got a puncture. Tony managed to get the tyre off after a lot of effort but it lost us time. This is something I need to speak to my favourite bike shop, Bicicosta, about. I cycled on after the repair but my back wheel was bumping. Tony noticed that the tyre had come off the rim again. I limped the next few kilometres to the Control, where a Spanish rider took my bike off me almost before I’d got off it and sorted everything out for me. I wish I knew who he was to thank him properly.

The second morning was cooler than the first and I was tired. We got in with a couple of groups during the day but left the last group when they stopped to eat. This second day was much, much harder than we expected with hill after hill and a headwind. Psychologically this was difficult to deal with. There was only one thing for it, dig in and get it finished.

This ended up being one of the hardest rides I have ever done.

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