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Post Salamanca Recovery Week

The week following the Salamanca 600k we set aside as a recovery week. On reflection with the heat and the headwind on the second day, the Salamanca event had taken more out of us than any other event. In all fairness I think most who had not ridden it before came to the same conclusion that it was much tougher than expected. But never mind as we had done it and I was basking in intense relief that I had now official qualified for PBP and would be joining Anne on the start line.

So after just a few days rest we took an easy ride down the coast to Los Alcazeras. We know a great restaurant there, which is just metres from the Mediterranean in a beautiful sun trap.


Even on cool winter’s days, with even a little sun it’s simply delightful.

And better still a breakfast for two is only 3.80€ which shows just how spoilt we are here in Spain.

Included in this ride were a few errands, the first being to call in at the Decathlon store for a few bits and bobs. I’d bought my bike lock in my rucksack although it was not required as the security guard let us bring our bikes into the store.

Then on the way home we called in to see a friend of mine. George is responsible for getting me into cycling. You see when I moved to Spain I was to say the least “out of shape”, as I weighed over 18 stone and smoked up to 80 cigarettes a day. Even walking up a flight of stairs used to leave me breathless in those days. But one day, whilst having a pint at a local bar I saw George on his bike training for a local event. I can remember thinking to myself that if George could cycle them I could too! A week later I had a shiny new road bike and joined George on his training rides. And week by week we got stronger and stronger until we were riding a 100k hilly route.

So all the pain I suffer whilst cycling crazy distances is in reality George’s fault! Well that’s what I tell him anyway! It’s a shame that George has suffered with injuries and health issues and has lost his fitness but I hope, perhaps after PBP, that I can get him out on his bike again.

Riding back home in the midday sun the temperature surpassed 40c. Our final batch of training for PBP was going to be bloody tough if high temperatures prevailed!

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