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Turning Water into Wine

We decided to do a ride up to the hamlet of El Cañarico to say thank you to the Spanish people who had saved our ride last by providing us with bottles of water from their house when the shop was closed. And so with a bottle of wine in my bike bag, we set off. 6pm, temperatures still at 39 degrees Celsius and into a strong headwind.

We soon had to stop to buy ice to add to our water bottles, which had become like dishwater. To our dismay, the first shop had run out of ice. Obviously everyone had been buying it during the very hot weather.

We arrived at the shop, which to our amazement was still open as it was after  9pm, their official closing time. We were given a warm welcome by the locals who were sat outside the shop. After talking to them, we learned that the locals had made sure the shop owner stayed open in case “the two cyclists” arrived! We bought beer, Fanta lemon, a bag of ice and ice pops and we sat on the chairs outside the shop with the locals. We then presented one of the ladies with the bottle of wine and explained it was to say thank you for their help last week.

They were very touched and have asked us when we’ll next be passing. We will pass there again and we will take a copy of the photo we took to give to them. We gave the blog web address to one of the younger members of the group (who had passed her driving test that day – congratulations) and promised to download the photo we took with them.

We also hope to pass by again after PBP to take them a photo of us with our medals!

A great ride, with true Spanish hospitality and a beautiful sky on the way home.

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