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Emotions as D Day Draws Near

We finished our training for PBP and we tapered and the nerves and emotions started…….


After such a build-up; with over a year since we pre-qualified for PBP, which we converted into qualification upon successful completion of the required brevets, it has dawned on me just how much we have achieved so far.


We have kept ourselves focused even when the odds were against us. Getting up and out before daylight, traveling long distances to compete in the brevets. My accident last year, Tony’s dreadful accident this year, for which another operation will be needed. And lately, the very hot weather, which has meant that we have had to train during the night and still we were met with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius at 1 am.


Now, as the event draws near, I feel nervous. We can’t do anymore. Have we done enough? I sincerely hope so. During this hot weather I still need to eat but it’s difficult as the heat saps your appetite. I am also worried about my need for sleep. I’m an eight hour a night person. I’ll be lucky if I get eight hours during the entire event! I also feel emotional, probably as a result of all the hard work which has come to an end temporarily before the actual event. Also, because of our training, I haven’t been able to have many of my family to stay this summer and I’m missing them. I wish my Dad was here. He always gave words of wisdom and support, although I know he will be with me during the event.


Well the packing is almost done. Tomorrow we will pack the car with two bikes and luggage for three people. Where will it all go? We are expecting rain during the event. The temperatures are going to feel cool to us and so winter kit may be needed, especially when we have to cycle during the night.


Despite everything I’m feeling, I know that this is a chance in a lifetime. I’ve qualified and that in itself is no mean feat. Many people do not realize, unless they have done it themselves, just how difficult it is even to qualify for this event. However, It is an event to be enjoyed, to soak up the atmosphere, to enjoy the hospitality of the French who open up their homes to riders, to hear the cheers from the public who line the streets even through the night and with the chance to meet like-minded people from all over the world.


And so with trepidation, emotion, tears and laughter let PBP 2019 begin!


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  1. Diane says:

    All the very best to you both. You are amazing and we know you will do yourselves proud. We hope you enjoy it.xx

  2. Admin says:

    Thanks Di. Looking forward to seeing you and that bloke you knock about with on our return. – Tony

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