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On Our Way To Paris!

During the last few weeks we’ve eased right off in regards to our training. To be honest we needed to as it’s been so hot here in Spain. In real terms we are now coming to the end of almost a 2 year period of training. Don’t tell Anne but I’m already missing our long rides. For me there is something almost spiritual about riding through the night, especially when you are sharing the road with a good friend.

Sometimes when we have been out in the countryside, during the dead of night, when there’s no peripheral sound to pollute the beautiful stillness of the night, the only sound is from the hum of our tyres rolling along the smooth Spanish roads which is simply magical.

And for all those who have never cycled through a warm summer’s night let me tell you that you truly are missing out. We’ve seen the emerging day’s sun paint stunning dawns that simply take your breath away.

We’ve seen hot summer days fade away leaving glorious dusk skylines. We’ve seen glorious moonlit landscapes. We’ve seen owls, crazy kamikaze rabbits, bats, nightjars and stunning night skies simply stuffed to the brim with beautiful stars that shine like the brightest diamonds, which you simply do not see in light polluted cities and towns.

Our journey through the last 2 years has not been easy. Our training for the Mallorca 312 way back last year was extended after the event to get us through the Massamagrell 600k BRM, which we needed to pre-register for PBP earlier this year. Myself having to return to the UK during the winter and struggling to get the miles in. Anne’s accident during the winter. My lack of fitness due to illness and lack of long rides, which resulted in me failing to complete not just one but two 200k BRMs early this year. Then getting myself back in form, completing the 200, 300 and feeling better than ever completing a tough 400k in Murcia only to suffer a bad accident just a couple of weeks later.

In all honesty my accident in May should have ended my PBP dream as I was told not to ride for 2 to 3 months. But I simply could not let my PBP dream die! So perhaps foolishly I continued to finish my qualifying rides. But I’m glad I did because the Salamanca 600k was an amazing experience even though in the heat, the second day was hard work.

So now we are simply waiting for the days, hours, minutes and seconds to tick away so we can take our place on the start line. I think we are both finding the wait extremely difficult. To me it actually feels like the most difficult part of our training!

So as we load our bikes and kit into the car do I have any fear or trepidation about riding PBP? Honestly? Well no, not at all! You see riding PBP has always been my dream. And now at long last, I get to actually experience it. What fear can I have about 4 days soaking up the atmosphere of PBP, cycling through beautiful French towns and villages with my amazing friend? Life is about making memories and I have 90 very special hours in France to make some very precious ones.

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